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We are pleased to offer these BRILLIANT scooters that can be put on one of our racks behind your RV, perfect for the little trips out and about when you are 'On Location' They come with a full manufacturers 3 year warranty for peace of mind. Call us for more details.


Just brilliant for us RV'ers, economical, as quick as you want it to be, comfortable to ride, plenty of storage space, a bit 'Retro' without being too much.

We make a few small modifications to them to make them even more RV friendly and they come with a full manufacturers 3 year warranty, not an insurance policy, it comes direct from the manufactures.

They are well put together with good fit and even better finish on everything, smooth powerful engine and 'Twist & Go' transmission, electric start, LED DRL lights and good weatherproofing.

You can ride them on a standard car licence or we can supply a 50cc version if you wish.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

SYM is owned by Hyundai so you have the knowledge that the maker is a good one ... how good are they? I think they are so good, I have my own one, how's that for a recommendation?

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