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Microcars and Quadricycles : "Toads"

We have been supplying small cars in various forms such as Microcar, Aixam, Ligier plus others to customers for years to tow legally behind their American Motorhomes.

These are normally called "Toads" or "towed's" - meaning a tow car to pull behind their Motorhome. With a tow car you can arrive in your American Motorhome with all the luxury and convenience this offers, and then simply un-clip it and pop off shopping or sightseeing with ease and convenience.

At Mercury we have all the experience to find the right small cars and either convert them for being a 'Toad' or towed car or simply for customers looking for a small car which has been prepared well for them as a very economical car.

We know very well how things work, we also spend a lot of our time learning how we can improve things, both on the small cars we sell and the American Motorhomes as well ... we believe there is room for improvement in everything, if only to tailor it to your own particular use and taste.

We suggest we go much further than any other dealer to ensure we exceed your expectations.

We have a preparation sheet which you are welcome to examine. This covers all items identified at the start as requiring attention, and then lists the rectifying actions taken.

Put simply we will go through EVERYTHING to ensure your small car is both working and in perfectly acceptable condition.

In simple terms we have pride in what we do and the way we do it ... we want you to be happy with your purchase and tell everyone else about it, because that is how we get and keep our customers.

Once you have a vehicle, either supplied by us or someone else, we can provide the ULTIMATE SERVICING solution for you; check out our SERVICE CHECKSHEET to see how far we go on your behalf.

we can now take credit/debit cards for mobile service work or parts, service carried out at our location
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