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Mercury RV : Our Company Philosophy

Although profit is an ugly word, we accept that if we can make a modest profit but ensure our customer cannot buy better anywhere else, we have satisfied our aim, but more importantly than that, they will tell others and they will come to us as well.

We think it works for us, and we hope we can work for you.

Personally I am hard to please, and that can work for you as our customer - if I am happy, I feel confident you will be as well.

To date all of our customers are more friends than just customers, we like to stay in touch with them and help in anyway we can.

If you are just starting out on this quest to own an American Motorhome or a seasoned RV'er we hope we can assist you to fulfil your dream.

Whatever you are spending, be it £20,000 or £350,000 it will be a lot of money to you and us, we want to make sure you get exactly what you want.

As we do not represent any particular manufacturer, both of us have the choice of the whole world of RV's to choose from, therefore we will NEVER try to push you to what we have, if we have not got what you want in stock we will locate it for you and offer you a choice of both price and specification.

Remember one simple thing before parting with any money, 'buy in haste, repent at leisure'.

We do not employ double glazing salesmen to push or mould you into buying what we have, we are very relaxed, you alone will decide when you are sure what you want to buy, and after all there is always tomorrow.

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