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We now have a direct link account with the major manufacturer in America for the day night shades used in nearly every RV ever made. We can supply in almost every colour combination, size and style including roller blinds, power operated blinds and faux wood blinds. They are custom made to your sizes and design so the possibilities are almost limitless. As we are dealing direct with the manufacturers you can be sure of the very best prices and quality together with swift manufacturer and delivery to us. Call for more details.

A new law was passed in Spain recently about what constitutes camping on the street and why you could be fined, arrested or just moved on.

This may seem odd, but we must respect other countries laws.

Number two: do NOT extend awnings
Number three: Do NOT put chairs outside by your RV or other such items
And Number four: Do not hang washing outside.

There are others but surely you would not need these explaining to you?

I found a great place top stop without being asked to move or being disturbed, in fact the Santander Police visited me and were EXCEPTIONALLY nice and helpful.

It was opposite the main docks, on the waters edge in a predominately industrial area with masses of parking near to Santander Marina .... BRILLIANT! Head towards the Marina and at the end of the road that runs alongside the airport on the right and industrial units to your left, turn left and follow the road round to your left, you will then find the esplanade where I stopped. Good fishing as well at the waters edge and many little bars etc. The Marina has a good restaurant as well. The road I stopped on was called Poligono de Raos, the Marina is Puerto Deportivo. This is all in the industrial area of Santander, but it honestly was really good.

There has been much said about the legality of towing a car behind an RV, most of which is utter rubbish and peoples opinions.

As with most things in life, opinions are normally best kept to yourself, so to make it clear, THIS IS NOT MY OPINION, this is factual.

Lots of people have made comments/statements on forums (great things forums, normally best for chit chat)but not always for FACTS.

I had reason to travel to the southern tip of Portugal a couple of weeks ago to sort out a problem with an RV and bring it back to the UK for the owner, I thought this was a good opportunity to get the FACTS on towing a car with a frame behind an RV in Europe, so here it is.

The unit I was returning with was a 40 foot unit, it had a Chevrolet Tracker on a proper 'A' frame behind (a Chevy Tracker is a Suzuki Vitara in the UK) I decided I would seek confirmation from the Police in Portugal on this legally, the answer from the civil Police was it is perfectly legal, I also checked with the equivalent of their Motorway Police, the answer was the same.

When I reached Spain I had some 5 days in Santander (I understand the ship I was on had struck the dock in the UK and therefore was cancelled due to a technical issue!!)

I had made friends with two very nice local Policemen who were more than helpful and exceptionally friendly, they again checked with their headquarters and the Autovia (Motorway) division, the same answer was given. It is perfectly legal in Spain and all of the EEC.

There are guidelines and provisions, if you would like to know the ins and outs of it all give us a call and I will tell you.

Obvious ones are, if it is over 750kgs it MUST be braked (we have units to do this that are legal) it must have break away cables, it must have a breakaway system to apply the brakes if it were to become detached, and it must be FITTED to the vehicle, not simply strapped on.

What is law and legal in one EEC state, is law and legal in others.....WOW something positive about being a member of the EU be it a Motorhome, RV, or Camping Car.

NEWS UPDATE 13/03/15 We have added yet another recovery truck to our fleet, this time she is a extra long Mercedes Atego, stand by for the pictures as she is in our paint shop at the moment having a makeover in our colours, of course she will also have some tasteful interior decor in a nice shades of PURPLE, oh and in case you don't know me, the outsides will be in purple as well!!! So no one will miss her, she will be having my usual array of lights to add to her stunning good looks!!

We have added a recovery truck to our fleet after some of our customers have been charged exorbitant prices to recover their RV's to us when they have a problem.

So if you do need recovery in the future, please call us and we promise to give you the best price we can. Look out for our truck on the road, she is a BEAUTY now.

Service available 24/7 on either our main landline number or the mobile out of hours

We have introduced a new service for existing or potential RV owners. We will comprehensively inspect evry aspect of your RV for a fixed fee of 68.00!!! It will include ALL areas including raising the entire unit on our wheel free lifts for a close and full inspection. You will receive a full written report and you decide if you would like us to correct anything that may be found. BEAT THAT FOR A GOOD SERVICE!! If we complete any further work for you (T&C apply) we will refund 50% of the cost of the inspection.

We are now offering underbody corrosion prevention/cure. We only use the very best products available (after all what is the point in using inferior products?) that being Dinitrol, this is the product range that makers like Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Mercedes and Volvo use, so you KNOW they are good.

We will steam clean the underside of your RV, treat any existing rust, dry and then coat all underbody areas in the correct grade of Dinitrol, we then use a cavity wax to inject the box sections. It is an intensive process, as such you would be very welcome to come and stay with us free on site whilst the work takes place, we will provide you with full hook up, toilet drop and even WiFi.

So before the ravages of all the salt on the roads takes its toll, call and book in soon for some real RV care!! The cost for this service on a standard 30-35 foot RV would be 365.00

Thanks to an increasing number of customer, and despite the worst the economic market has to throw at us all, we are pleased to have been able to place another mobile service unit on the road.

We cover all the south east of England and further afield as well. If we can help we are here 24/7, just call the mobile number anytime for assistance. 07810 190 808

Both vehicles carry fault diagnosis equipment and code readers which can reset fault lights and up date ECU data.

We also have mobile credit card units for convienience of payment accepting most major credit/debit cards.

We understand of late that companies such as Adrian Flux have been offering some good deals on American & European Motorhome Insurance at the moment, so if yours is coming up for renewal, give them a call, please mention we gave you the tip off if you would please.

Check to see what is included as well, as some of the packages will give you roadside assistance and year round Green Card, but always ask and compare like with like before taking the plunge. Here is a list of some contact phone numbers for you: Insurance company contacts, many of which we have special reductions with if you mention you got the details and RV through us.

01277 243 004 Shield Insurance (if you only have an international licence, these can help you)

0800 1488 425 or 01422 396 749
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