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Things to consider when buying a Motorhome

What you need to think about, and what should you expect

Many of our customers are new to this type of Motorhoming; everyone's reason may be different, but the one thing that is common is the desire for space and luxury. We have served customers who are looking to upgrade from a European Motorhome or caravan, and many who were thinking of buying a holiday home somewhere.

One of the many benefits of buying an RV instead of a holiday home is, when you are bored with the view or the people, just turn the key and move on, now you cannot do that with a holiday home can you?

There is the worry of when you are not at your holiday home, who is? Is it safe and secure? You still have to pay the council charge etc. even when you are not there. With an RV you can choose where you go and how long you stay.

We have supplied RV's to customers from as little as £25,000 to around £170,000 both new and pre owned, at these figures, this will not buy you much of a holiday home, but it will buy you an great deal of freedom and fun.

Other costs will be such things as insurance, this will cost you from around £530.00 to the most expensive we have known of £977.00, so not a great deal for all the pleasure it will bring you all.

If you cannot store an RV at home, it is often the case that your local farmer will have a spare barn he will rent you some space in, of course you could approach your local hauliers or coach operator, you will find they will all welcome a little extra cash. If you purchase an RV from us, we can offer you storage for it, and like we offer for many of our customers, we can prepare it ready for you each time you wish to go away.

We offer the whole package for this which not only includes servicing and checking it over, but filling it with fuel, gas, water and even getting in the shopping for you, cleaning the outside and inside and making the bed - all the RV needs is you then.


When choosing to go fulltiming, please think ahead always. You may be selling your home and heading off to enjoy life at last, but don't rush, take your time. You will need to have an address for many reasons - here are just a few:

  • To remain on the electoral roll
  • to keep your credit history
  • mobile telephone contract
  • internet access
  • banking
  • insurance
  • health care
  • British Citizenship
  • and of course your mail

These are just a few of the more obvious ones, but always remember, you need to keep hold of your identity!

Why Choose Mercury ARV ?

We want to make everything easy for you from start to finish, we have to try that little bit harder than everyone else, the reason for this is simple, because we rely on our customers to advertise for us, we need you to be REALLY pleased with our service.

We save money on not paying for expensive adverts everywhere, the money we save can mean we are able to offer much better deals, the more customers we look after, the more the word spreads. A very simple philosophy, but we find one that works for us and our customers.

We can offer many other services as well as just a simple sale, take a look at some of our vehicles, on some of these we find superb quality older vehicles perhaps, and then we bring them back to the UK ready to turn them into EXACTLY what you require.