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37' Safari Serengeti 300hp diesel DISABLED FULL ACCESS & LIVING

This unit has now been completed and with its new owners, however please take a look at some of the pictures and see what was done on this superb conversion completed to customer specification, with hidden wheelchair lift and made fully wheelchair accessible, wet room, dishwasher, 46" lcd screen, the list goes on. Speak to us about your very own bespoke conversion.


46,995 completed

The ideal unit for fulltiming.

Freshly painted and awaiting re fit of new styling.

This is straight from the oven and before the remainder of the fittings & makeover.

If you are looking for a unit of superb build quality and fittings, look no further; Come and inspect it soon - at this price you will find nothing to get anywhere near it!

We can totally recommend this RV as we spent 10 weeks travelling from Arizona all around 14 states, then over 8,500 feet up to The Grand Canyon and then back to Georgia before shipping her to the UK. We covered some 6,000 + miles in her and know she is really really good. We have had much work carried out on her in the USA to upgrade various things, this has included not only the engine & gearbox but also much else.

When we say upgraded we mean exactly that, there was nothing wrong with her, we have just improved on power output and the gearbox now has an integral retarder. The chassis is the famous Magnum with 'Velvet Ride', the engine is a Cummins 'C' Series 8.3 Diesel with uprated 350HP output and fully serviced. The gearbox is the renowned Allison MD3060 6 speed unit, but now with integral retarder as well.

It is fitted with a 'Pac' Brake exhaust brake which is linked to the gearbox as well for improved retardation. We are still upgrading this unit here in the UK, so if you contact us quickly we can finish the unit using some of your ideas.

It will also be receiving a full body paint in the very latest designs, again if you are quick you can choose what this will be. The interior trim has been replaced with the latest fabrics used on the 2008 range of Safari Motorcoaches and the flooring has all been replaced with new Berber carpet & 3M Stainmaster coating, also the underlay has been replaced with 1" thick insulator.

New oak flooring in kitchen & bathroom area and it has a new stand alone new Ice Maker fitted, new Coffee Machine, new combi microwave, new fridge freezer and many more home comfort appliances as well, even down to a fitted washer/dryer.

These Safaris are superb units in the construction methods, such things as solid wood all round, quality oak fittings etc, all materials are aircraft grade aluminium and all the lower panels are made from Stainless Steel.

When you enter this motorcoach, you will feel at home straight away, it has the feel of a warm and inviting luxury country cottage. We are changing the frontal appearance with new HID style small round Hella light units to give superb illumination and this will all be surrounded by a new grille made from Mirror Finish Stainless Steel and the Safari Logo in the centre. It will also get new mirrors.

If you would like to see some pictures of what we have created before, please email us, this could be your chance to get a unit that will simply make peoples jaw drop, but at a price that is equally stunning.

The Safari Serengeti was the top end of the Safari range, and this unit had so many additional options added from new, it was as far as you could go. Be in at the start now and make your mark on this unit and create your own design statement. These units are highly regarded in America and have a very loyal following, most owners are fulltimers and purchased the units when new, but then one of these in 1995 was around $270,000, so not cheap construction.

Most owners could obtain a 27 year finance deal on them, so even the finance companies new they were well built, VERY well built!

We have now added

  • a new LG 36" wide screen HD Digital LCD TV with in built Freeview to the front having remade the cabinets to accommodate it
  • a new LG LCD TV is in the rear as well again with a new Freeview Setanta unit
  • HD DVD + Up scaling, 1000 watt Theatre System with surround sound
  • computer link cables
  • the TV's and Theatre System are all wired with top quality 'MONSTER PURE AV' top end leads and optical cables to link to the systems
  • electric panel heaters (great to save on gas bills when you are on site and plugged in)
  • electric immersion water heater
  • LED lighting
  • DAB digital radio/CD in the front
  • DAB digital radio/CD in the rear
  • electric blanket on the queen bed and even a door bell!

Now this is a fulltimers dream unit if there ever were one. Fitted with new UK & Europe tracker system, Cat 1 Alarm, Cat 1 Imobilliser and all linked together with all locker doors and entrance protected.